Xu Xin’en


Motivated by her passion for the arts, Xin’en has taken on a myriad of roles within the local entertainment industry.

She first gained invaluable backstage experience as a sound operator, before becoming a professional saikang warrior at a range of front-of-house duties including ticketing and events management. As a producer, Xin’en has worked with Dream Academy and Double Confirm Productions on popular and critically acclaimed shows such as KUMAR: What Makes A Man A Man?, Company, Crazy Christmas, The Hossan Leong Show and the Hossan-AH! series, of which, the sold out Hossan-AH! 50 in 2019 stays closest to her heart.

Later, she made her debut as a stage manager for the 2015 revival of iconic Singapore musical Beauty World, directed by Dick Lee. She took on the role of production manager at W!LD RICE in 2016, managing the Singapore Theatre Festival and its annual pantomime. Xin’en was also the multimedia producer for NDP 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022, as well as for multiple theatre productions.

In 2017, 2018 and 2022, Xin’en delved straight from NDP into the role of production
coordinator in the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. Xin’en was also post producer at Infinite Frameworks Pte Ltd for Asia’s Got Talent season 3. She is also currently the artiste manager to two prolific local actors, Hossan Leong and Siti Khalijah.

To bring art into homes, Xin’en has moved to producing for a hybrid of live performance and filming, and part of her repertoire include various digital dance performances, including Danfes Opencall 2020 and products by Frontier Danceland.

Xin’en has a Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries from the Taipei National University of the Art. Xin’en has produced a number of commercials and short films, such as Plague, directed by Boo Junfeng for the National Volunteer and Philantrophy Centre. She has also produced music videos for local artistes like Ugly In The Morning and The TENG Ensemble.